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Tired of sending national and international SMS at the very high rate of your provider? We have the right solution for you. Send SMS text messages with your VoipBuster account from your Smartphone to avoid the high sms charges of your mobile operator. SMS rates are very low.
To use this application, you need to create an account on http://www.voipbuster.com/en/websignup.php.

If you like Skype, you will love VoipBuster.


VoipBusterSMS let you send SMS from your Blackberry, Android,Palm WebOs Smartphone and Google Chrome.

On Blackberry :



Available on the Blackberry App World.

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On Android :


Capture Android


Available on Android Market


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On Palm WebOs :

Capture WebOs VoipBuster


Available on the Palm App Catalog


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On Google Chrome :

Daniel Ramos has developed a free plugin for the most advanced web browser

VoipBuster Google Chrome capture


Available on Google Chrome Extensions