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A Baby must application (6 months – 3 years).


Funny Animals is an application which will take you or your child to the magical world of animals.

Come and play with these cute animals!


As one of your baby’s first apps, this surprisingly creative game supplies the

wonderful mixture of entertainment and education all in one!

With many colorful and inviting nature themes with animals shown

in their original interactive habitats, your baby will enjoy a simple yet intelligent game that will

encourage thinking and motor skills.


3 modes provided:

-learning: your child can play with the animal

-spot it: match an animal from its sound or name

-name it: match an animal to a sound or name



It helps your child to:

- Develop auditory, visual and fine motor skills

- Recognize animals

- Relate animals to their names



- Very easy and simple fun game

- Beautifully illustrated animal images

- Clear pronunciations

- Aids self learning with animated hints