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Blackberry Version

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Just type your departure date and your flight number to get your flight information : 
-Flight status
-Airport delays
-Boarding gate
-Destination weather
-Expected arrival time

Unlike our competitors, our program is worldwide compatible and not restricted to US Flights.


Flight Tracker for Blackberry is compatible with Blackberry OS 5.0+ including the following devices :

BlackBerry 8100 BlackBerry 8110 BlackBerry 8120 BlackBerry 8130 BlackBerry 8220 BlackBerry 8230 BlackBerry 8230f BlackBerry 8300 BlackBerry 8310 BlackBerry 8320 BlackBerry 8330 BlackBerry 8330m BlackBerry 8350i BlackBerry 8520 BlackBerry 8530 BlackBerry 8700c BlackBerry 8700f BlackBerry 8700g BlackBerry 8700r BlackBerry 8700v BlackBerry 8703e BlackBerry 8705g BlackBerry 8707g BlackBerry 8707h BlackBerry 8707v BlackBerry 8800 BlackBerry 8820 BlackBerry 8830 BlackBerry 8900 BlackBerry 9000 BlackBerry 9100 BlackBerry 9105 BlackBerry 9300 BlackBerry 9330 BlackBerry 9500 BlackBerry 9520 BlackBerry 9530 BlackBerry 9550 BlackBerry 9630 BlackBerry 9650 BlackBerry 9670 BlackBerry 9700 BlackBerry 9780 BlackBerry 9800


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